Contact TG about HigherEDGE at
(800) 252-9743
Contact TG about HigherEDGE at
(800) 252-9743

Grace Counseling

Recognizing that early and frequent contact with a borrower is one of the most effective strategies for preventing delinquency, HigherEDGE® Default Aversion Solutions offers a series of phone, mail, and email campaigns directed to the borrower immediately after separation and throughout the grace period. Communications are designed to remind the borrower about his or her obligation to repay their loan(s), the benefits of on-time payment, repayment plan options (including Income-Based Repayment, or IBR), and the importance of contacting the loan holder or servicer for repayment assistance.

Our services include:

  • Encouraging the borrower to return to school to complete his or her education, if applicable;
  • Reminding the borrower about his or her upcoming repayment obligations;
  • Providing information about a variety of repayment options, with specific attention to the borrower's unique education and employment situation;
  • Ensuring that the borrower understands the importance of contacting his or her lender/servicer to take advantage of repayment assistance options; and
  • Emphasizing the benefits of making on-time payments.

As a division of TG, HigherEDGE Default Aversion Solutions benefits from TG's more than 30 years of knowledge and expertise in default aversion and student loan services.