Contact TG about HigherEDGE at
(800) 252-9743
Contact TG about HigherEDGE at
(800) 252-9743

Delinquency Outreach

HigherEDGE® Default Aversion Solutions offers several support options to establish contact with borrowers and help return their loans to good standing before they default. Our call center can support your needs by providing a customized service package including:

  • Monthly outbound call campaigns
  • Inbound call support, including a dedicated extension for your institution
  • A customized Web page with institution-specific contact information
  • Email and letter campaigns based on level of delinquency
  • Skip tracing services

Our services also include a standard monthly reporting and analytics package that contains:

  • Our proprietary forecast of future cohort default rates (CDRs) — allowing you to manage your institution's CDR consistently
  • Call center contact results
  • Detailed in-repayment portfolio and delinquency information
  • Specific reasons for delinquency, as reported by your borrowers

Above all, HigherEDGE helps you to manage your default rate effectively:

  • Borrowers who receive grace period counseling are up to 18% more likely to make their first payment and avoid future delinquency.
  • When HigherEDGE counsels a delinquent borrower, the delinquency situation is resolved positively 90% of the time.

As a division of TG, HigherEDGE Default Aversion Solutions benefits from TG's more than 30 years of knowledge and expertise in default aversion and student loan services.