Contact TG about HigherEDGE at
Contact TG about HigherEDGE at

Service Overview

TG's HigherEDGE® is a comprehensive service designed to help schools manage federal student loan default. We offer support on multiple fronts to help you take control of your cohort default rate and lower your risk of losing eligibility to participate in the Title IV programs.

Our services reach borrowers during each key phase in default prevention, including in-school default-risk reduction, regular contact and counseling during grace, and intensive outreach during delinquency to increase the borrower's chances of successful repayment.

As a division of TG, HigherEDGE benefits from TG's more than 35 years of knowledge and expertise in default aversion and student loan services.

Default Aversion Planning

We can help you develop a campus-wide plan and build consensus to deal with the threat of default, particularly among borrowers who are the most at risk while in school, in their grace period, and/or in repayment. (learn more)

Grace Counseling

We offer a unique approach to connecting with your borrowers and providing assistance during their grace period so that they follow the right course — whether it be returning to school to complete their program (if applicable), or starting a consistent repayment habit. Borrowers who receive counseling from HigherEDGE during grace are up to 18% more likely to make their first payment and avoid future delinquency. (learn more)

Delinquency Outreach

Our call center reaches out to your borrowers who have become delinquent on their loans and are heading toward default, to help them get current, avoid consequences, and retain their borrower benefits under the federal student loan program. When HigherEDGE counsels a delinquent borrower, the delinquency situation is resolved positively 90% of the time. (learn more)

Whether you can benefit from one of these areas of service, or require support on all fronts, HigherEDGE is your advocate for repayment success. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can meet your school's individual needs.

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About Us

HigherEDGE offers:

  • Cost-effective default management solutions for schools offering federal student loans.
  • Outsourcing opportunities that allow schools to focus on the needs of current students.
  • Borrower-centric repayment support.

HigherEDGE can enhance your school's efforts to maintain Title IV eligibility and minimize student loan default.

As a division of TG, HigherEDGE Default Management Solutions benefits from TG's more than 35 years of knowledge and expertise in default aversion and student loan services.